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The interior was more or less a blank canvas. The new owner Jason has had it transformed and it looks magic.
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Sound Insulation
The van has been treated to some sound insulation as well. It has a layer of vibration damping insulation then a layer of insulation designed to capture airborne noises. The insulation has been applied to the doors including the sliding door and rear door. The vibration damper has also been applied above the engine bay, front wheel arches, cab floor and on the firewall.

This little lot should quiet things down a bit as well as help retain a little heat in the van.
The cab
The cab interior is pretty standard. The dash is an early dash and has been sand blasted and powder coated black. The clocks were stripped and rebuilt. The switch gear was stripped out and where necessary replaced with either new or 2nd hand good switch gear.

The pedal assemblies have been refurbished with new rubbers and seals. The accelerator assembly originally was a home made aberration so it was ripped out and the correct 1975 pedal assembly installed. Mostly with new parts.

The original cab floor was solid enough but thin in places. The floor also had chunks cut out of it where a previous owner had showed his creativity with fore mentioned accelerator. For these reasons the cab floor was removed and replaced with a hand crafted panel from Schofields.

The windscreen washer bottle has been modified to use a modern electric pump. It is operated by a push button on the dash.

The van didn't have any sunvisors when I got it so I bought a new set from Just Kampers and they look great against the new headliner.

I also purchased new rubber mats which fit under the cab seats and wrap around the back of the panels behind the cab seats. These look great and match the new black cab carpet well.

The seat belts are new as well.
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More pictures are available on the Pictures page and include greater detail of things like the rubber mats and the fabric of the seats.